About Us


A small business delivering a big difference…

AcerPal was born from the desire to give people across a variety of industries the ability to make a hard hat their own. From the construction industry to laboratories and manufacturing, we’ve got a hydro dipped hard hat that will fit your style.


All our hard hats are industry standard and provide superior protection against the hazards in your work environment. Unlike stickers and other helmet covers, our high quality hydro dipped helmets come with a superior quality finish in a wide variety of styles. Using a hydro dip directly onto the material of the helmet not only makes it beautiful, but it also won’t hide damage or signs of wear like stickers and other covers.

AcerPal allows you to make your hard hat personal to you and we use a advanced hydro technology that’s durable enough to withstand daily use in the most extreme working environments.

Add some art to your safety hat today, we are adding art and style every day!!!